Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I have the most wonderful family in the world - a personal post

So I had that tooth surgery yesterday morning, remember? Well, yesterday evening, I decided to go watch my husband's softball game like I usually do. Well, although I felt fine at the game, I think it was too much activity and talking, cause I felt AWFUL on the way home. I walked in the house and went straight to bed. My daughter, Emma, held my hand on the way home to help me feel better, and came in the house hot on my heels - all concerned, giving me lots of hugs and kisses, and asking how she could help me. She got me all tucked into bed, heated up my hotsock for me (a long tube sock filled with flax seeds that we heat in the microwave and use like a heating pad - I LOVE IT) since I strangely had the shivers, even though it was nearly 80 degrees. Then she and Marty helped the boys get their evening snacks/supper since I hadn't really fixed supper. In a while, she came in with a very soft snack for me to eat because it was time to take my medicine again and it makes me really queasy. What a dear.
My one and a half year old, Earl, was happy as a clam and went around the house singing at the top of his lungs in his own little baby language. It is SO precious when he does that - justs puts his head back and lets it all flow out. He sang ALL evening.
Marty helped Isaiah, my 5 year old, look up jack knives on ebay, and just browsing through the listings entertained him for quite a while, and boy, did he have a lot to tell me about them later! :) Isaiah LOVES to learn, and he studies things very intently. Just by looking at the pictures he learned a lot.
And sweet Eli, my 3 year old, just played happily, laughed along with a Little Bear video (which he pronounces Yiddle Bear), and cuddled with Earl and Daddy in the lazyboy.
Marty just was a super daddy, like he always is. He got everybody fed, diapers changed, washed, and ready for bed, and played, and laughed, and loved on everyone.
I just lay in my bed listening to the happy, sweet sounds of my family, my heart full of love and joy, praising the Lord for the enormous blessings He has given me - FAR above what I deserve.
PS - I had a good night, slept well, and feel okay right now. Haven't even had my medicine yet - trying to hold off since it makes me feel very strange, queasy, and drowsy.

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JoAnnA said...

Beautiful family Cara!!!