Friday, October 06, 2006

Stick bug

Last Wednesday night as I was leaving worship team practice, a fellow team member brought me this stick bug he found on his car. Somehow, my reputation must have preceded me, and he knew my children and I would enjoy studying it a bit. It rode home with me in Marty's lunchbox, and spent the night on the counter in a canning jar.

The next morning, after the kids awoke and noticed the jar, we released it on our deck, took many photos, and watched a while. I realize that not many are nearly as interested in bugs as we are, but bear with us.

As we were watching our photos as a slide show on our computer, Isaiah, my tender 6 year old, didn't like this one. He said it was "too scary."

I was trying to take these super close-up shots while it was walking on my deck. Plus, it was chilly and I was shivering, so unfortunately, this last photo is not really in focus. However, it does show how the little thingies underneath it's chin open up and move around - kind of like fingers.

You know, some people keep these "Walking Stick Bugs" as pets. No, we didn't keep it. It stayed on our deck railing 'till midafternoon, then disappeared. But if YOU are curious, click the title of this post to take you to a page full of interesting tidbits about stick bugs.

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molly jean said...

scary and fascinating!