Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A walk in the meadow

Monday, my children and I enjoyed a walk in the meadow. Here is a sampling of what a careful observer could experience. I am grateful for the great beauty the Lord has given our family to enjoy.

The fuzzy leaves of a mullein basal rosette.

The faded petals of Queen Anne's Lace fold up to form a cup shape, hence earning its lesser known name, Bird's Nest.

These berry branches keep the birds busy well into winter.

A fuzzy stem of grass.

A perfect dandelion.

A Mexican sunflower

The pollen-laden legs of a busy honeybee.

A sunflower head heavy with seeds.

A glimpse of a portion of our changing meadow.


Anonymous said...

These pics are gorgeous. I need to really start looking more closely at nature and it's beauty. I see it but haven't really looked at it...ya know. These pics give me a whole different view :o)

Mella said...

These pictures are fabulous - so crisp.