Thursday, September 25, 2008

In preparation

for shed moving day tomorrow, we've torn down more of the fence to allow the truck and trailer to maneuver the shed over it's new home. This morning, the kids and I worked more on leveling the site, rototilling it up, raking it, and then driving the van back and forth over top to pack it down. Earl and Isaiah took turns helping me "drive" the van, thrilled to learn how to shift from drive to reverse.

You can see the shed on the trailer in the driveway in this photo Isaiah took. A week and a half or so ago, Marty and a few other fun-loving men worked all day in the POURING rain to jack the shed up from it's former home, get it loaded and steady on the trailer, and pull it slowly down the road to our driveway - in the POURING rain. It was an adventure, I tell you.
The window you see on the back of the house there is the one above my kitchen sink. I love being able to look out and see where the kids are, and watch all our animals.

*An update on Marty's burns....He had another appt. this morning. Two fingers are doing well, and are slowly seeping the fluid from the blisters, which is good. It's better than bursting open which would increase chances of infection. The other two still have enormous blisters. We have to change the dressings on them twice a day, which Emma has enjoyed greatly.
Unfortunately, they are 3rd degree burns, which means more than likely he will never have feeling in the burned places. However, that does mean he has not had much pain since the evening he was burned. We are praising the Lord that the burns aren't directly on his fingertips or palms and that they are progressing nicely.

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