Friday, October 17, 2008

Bugs with long legs

What is it with my fascination with bugs that have long legs? Perhaps it stems back to my childhood when I was taunted by the meanies. They called me Grasshopper, and if I happened to be wearing black tights under my dress, it was even worse - Spider. (At least they could have called me Cricket. They make beautiful music with their long legs.) There were other flattering names, as well. Like Skeleton. And Chicken Legs. But I digress. Back to bugs.
This long-legged beauty spent the better part of a day lurking in the morning glories on our front porch railing a couple of weeks ago. She patiently tolerated my intrusiveness, even turning to face the camera several times.

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Maria said...

Cool pictures, Cara! One morning I woke up to find long legs on my pillow and one in my hair. Kind of grossed me out. :) I looked it up in my insect/spider book. It ended up being a spider that we don't have back in Ohio. I can't recall the name but it makes zigzag webs. Have you seen one? They're neat but I still prefer to observe them outside rather than on my pillow. :)